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Welcome to the home plans and design section of You are about to explore the most complete set of modular home plans available anywhere. Yet these are just a small sample of what is available from the many manufacturers in our industry.

We are not a factory trying to sell homes. Our job is to work for you to help you select the right home for yourself FREE OF CHARGE or obligation, and then help you find a local builder that can make your dream become a reality.

Please note, our Modular Home Gallery is currently under development. We look forward to providing an improved browsing experience for you!

Modular Homes Manufacturers

The Modular Center General Home Gallery

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Modular Homes Manufacturers

The Modular Center Masterpiece Collection

There has been such an increase in demand for upscale modular home designs that has gathered designs from some of the foremost modular home designers in the field, and has put them into one collection that we dubbed the "Masterpiece Collection".

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Modular Homes Pennsylvania

Cozy Cottages - Unique, Affordable, Yet Stylish Homes

Are you looking for a stylish high quality specialty home? Perhaps a get-away cabin in the country is your cup of tea? Maybe you need a mother-in-law cottage so your favorite relative can be nearby but not too close? Could you be in the market for a starter home or scale-down house and you can't find anything you can afford? If your answer to one of the above is yes, then you will need to view our Cozy Cottage collection.

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